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MC Corporate Rentals


We work along side industry professionals who travel in for work. When you let us lease your property, we will look after it with the same level of care as if it belonged to us. By leasing to us, you will receive the following advantages: 

Timely and reliable rent payments received on the same day each month via ACH

Our team is committed to ensuring that your property is maintained in excellent condition to guarantee tenant contentment and safeguard the long-term worth of your investment..
Hassle-free Experience
Minor maintenance tasks and repairs are handled by our team, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free ownership experience.
Protection from rent control or federal moratoriums, as we operate as a business and do not fall under the same renter's rights.
We strive to establish lasting partnerships with property owners and lease properties with a focus to create sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships that generate long-term value.

Eliminating vacancies, credit loss, ongoing maintenance, leasing commissions, and turnover costs.
Full Service Property Management
Our team manages all your properties needs including: 
All reservations, check ins, check outs, cleanings, maintenance, and guest interactions. You simply pay your monthly utilities and mortgage. Any minor damages or maintenance issue under $500 we will cover the payments, with no expense to you the home owner, we'll let you know and that's it.

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3515 Atlantic Ave. #1067
Long Beach, CA 90807

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